What's The Deal With Waterproof Jewllery?

What’s almost as good as real gold? 

Stainless Steel, 18 karat gold plated, of course!

We are so excited to introduce our latest collection of daily basics, crafted from Stainless Steel and plated in a thick layer of 18k gold. How is this life-changing, you might ask?

Well for starters, this combo is essentially waterproof, which means your favorite necklace and earrings won’t disappear into that black hole that is your beach tote bag because you had to remove them before you took a dip in the ocean.
It means you are free to shower and lotion up without too much worry that your jewellery pieces are going to turn an odd shade of coppery green.
Essentially, it means you will be getting a whole lot more wear out of your favorite accessories and this is something we can 100% get behind!

Our Wants & Needs accessories are made from an array of base metals ranging from brass to sterling silver. Most all of our pieces are plated in gold, however, most of these base metals don’t hold up well in water and they don’t like the chemicals used in lotions and perfumes, which over time will cause them to tarnish. Although we feel there is a time and a place for a more elaborate pair of statement earrings made from these less tolerant metals, we also understand the need for more basic everyday pieces made from something more durable. 

Enter 18 karat gold plated, Stainless Steel luxury for every daywear!


This combination is pretty happy in water due to the durable nature of Stainless Steel. With its resistance to corrosion and rust as well as being lightweight, our choice was made! The combination of a thick layer of 18 karat gold plating on this hero base metal makes for a happy alternative to real gold (which comes with a much heftier price tag). 

Gold plating bonds well with Stainless Steel, however, it’s worth noting that over time this plating will fade if over-exposed to harsh chemicals found in perfumes. I’ve quite happily been swimming in the ocean as well as run and showed in my CRUZ SNAKE CHAIN for the last few months and it is still shimmering away, however, I take care when applying perfume.  Some of the smaller link chains that form part of these pieces are not made of Stainless Steel so these areas will be more sensitive to exposure too. 

With a little bit of extra care, we just know that you will enjoy these daily basics for many years to come and we’re so excited to wake up, go about our day and night in our latest collection of earrings, rings and necklaces – WE HOPE YOU ARE TOO!